Partner Program

Learn how TMGvets can make you more money through your existing customer base.

Our partner program is designed to maximize your earning potential through our effective sales strategy that we have implemented across the country.


Who Partners with TMGvets?

Vet Management Software Companies and E-commerce Shopping Cart Solutions

If you have developed a veterinarian management software that does not currently have an integrated payment solution, TMGvets can provide a fully integrated solution, with rich data for reporting, next-day funding for your customers and access to our team of veterinary payment specialists for best in class service.

If you already have an integrated payment solution, but feel like you aren't getting enough out of your payment partner, then we should still have a conversation to see how TMGvets can improve a stagnant payment channel and breathe new life into your revenue stream.


Questions to consider:


How are you creating awareness to your customer base that they can take payments through your software?

TMGvets takes an active role in contacting your customer base in a respectful, yet appealing manner so that they are aware of the tremendous value that you bring through the integrated payment solution.

How are you incentivizing your customers to leave their current provider, with whom they are already familiar?

TMGvets has worked hard to create brand awareness in every single market in the country so there is a good chance your customer has already heard about us.  Once we are able to connect with the Doctor or Practice Manager, we alleviate all of their concerns by going through the details of the offering, which we know to be the most attractive situation they can find anywhere in the payments industry!

How are you being compensated by your processing partner for the value you bring to the relationship?

To show you how much TMGvets values your hard work, we offer a lucrative compensation package so that you can grow a valuable residual income and continue to build your vet management platform.

These are just a few of the important items you should be thinking about when considering the partner you are either already working with or considering for the first time.

Why Partner with TMGvets?

Since 2007, we have been focused on the veterinarian community and have earned the trust of more than 1,000 animal hospitals across the country. Since 2014, our growth has rapidly increased due to efficiency, technology innovation and a team of talented and caring individuals that proudly represent the TMGvets name.

What sets TMGvets apart from other payment providers?

The TMGvets team focuses exclusively on the Veterinarian community since 2014, when we formed a partnership with the Texas Veterinary Medical Association and hit the ground running by contacting every practice in the entire state.  Since then, we have implemented some very efficient and effective strategies to reach customers not only in Texas but across the entire country.

We will take the same approach with our software partners, which will lead to significant growth in revenue, which fuels the future development of your platform.

Integration Options

  • Easy integration! Fully integrate our payment gateway into your platform in less than 4 weeks.
  • Payment options include credit, debit, EMV, and online payments.
  • A full suite of developer tools including our Gateway REST API, sandbox, testing tools and more.
  • Integration support team available to support development from beginning to end.
  • Recurring payments for repeat customers that includes an integrated account updater solution, which is a tool that updates cardholder data regularly so you always have the most recent card on file to ensure payments are processed with no delays.
  • State of the art security solutions that protect, encrypt and store cardholder data, allowing you to keep your customer's data safe and meet PCI compliance standards.
  • Access to a team of dedicated Veterinary Payment Specialists that are backed by an award-winning customer service team available outside TMGvets standard office hours, 24/7/365.

Having access to the technology needed via gateways with robust APIs is not the only aspect of a successful partnership. While we certainly have high standards for which gateways we work with, we believe that the formula to a successful partnership is what gets implemented after the tech is figured out.

Please reach out to us today so that we can get acquainted and discuss the possibility of working together. 

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