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SAVE 25%
on Payment Processing
On average, TMGvets can save your practice
25% on payment processing fees
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Switch for the Savings,
Stay for the Service!
24 Hour Customer Service and Veterinary Payment Specialists
are available to ensure your payment processing is always convenient .
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VMA Partners.

Click on your state association below to learn about exclusive member benefits.

Why Partner with TMGvets

TMGvets offers unique members-only benefits for your VMA members. We provide guaranteed savings with exclusive member rates, simplified fee structures with easy-to-read statements, free equipment and free receipt paper. Our superior customer service includes dedicated Veterinary Payment Specialists (no automated systems here), and a 24-hour customer service support center for after hour emergencies. TMGvets has longevity and experience in the veterinary industry and creating lasting partnerships is a priority.

Contact Clay at 817.528.8805 or for more information

TMGvets creates added value for your VMA members and the association. Grow your member base with TMGvets. Our exclusive member rates offer savings that can offset the cost of their annual VMA membership dues, typically in just one month. As your VMA partner, TMGvets sponsors events, advertises in associated publications, promotes your VMA and in most cases provides revenue sharing. States partnered with TMGvets have enjoyed significant revenue growth in as little as two years. TMGvets also ensures reliable merchant services for the veterinary industry. We value our community of veterinary clients as much as you value your members.

Make the Switch.

Save money on payment processing fees, receive superior customer service and get a FREE YETI as our thank you!


Exclusive Member Rates

TMGvets partners with state Veterinary Medical Associations to secure the best possible rates. Enjoy exclusive member benefits through your VMA.

Guaranteed Savings

That's right, savings are guaranteed. How much?  On average we save our clients 25% on payment processing fees, but it can be up to 40%. 

Free EMV Chip Card Terminal

TMGvets will provide all the hardware needed to run your practice as efficiently as possible. Including FREE terminal receipt paper!

No Contract

In a contract? Don’t worry, we will pay your early termination fee! No contract required, but you will see why vets switch for the savings, stay for the service. 

Vets Signed Up Last Month
YETI's Given Away in 2017
Average dollars saved annually
Total Vet Customers

The Tech.

The Most Advanced EMV Chip Card Terminal for Your Practice

Proven Performance

The industry's fastest processor moves more transactions for greater profits.

Mobile Pay Ready

Run Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and any other contactless (NFC) transaction all with one terminal.

PIN Security

PCI PED 2.0 approval keeps up with the most current PIN security standards.

Easy Operation

Quick-release, door designed to load paper quickly and efficiently.


Visible Display

High-contrast, white backlit display and blue backlit keypad for high visibility in dim lighting.

Next Generation Features

Over 500 MB of memory to support value-added applications such as loyalty and gift cards.

Free Terminals

Stop struggling with only one terminal. At TMGvets we provide as many terminals as needed to get the job done.


TMGvets was created to give every veterinarian access to industry leading rates and services for payment processing.

Payments at Your Practice

TMGvets provides the best in-clinic technology and responsive customer service to run your practice. Fast and reliable transactions make payments easy for you and your clients. 

Mobile Payments

Whether you specialize in equine medicine or just make house calls, your mobile device is your credit card processor! Apple and Android compatible.

E-Commerce Solution

Our shopping cart is easy to use and fully integrates with Midwest Vet Supplies online payment portal and others. Turn your practice website into an e-commerce solution!

Virtual Terminal

Complete enterprise solution for processing and storing credit cards securely. Track client payments, store patient info and setup recurring monthly billing between you and your customers.

Veterinary Payment Specialists

There when you need them.  No automated message systems here. Customer service is as important to us as it is to you and your clients. 

24 Hour Customer Service

After hours emergency?  We've got you covered.  Our support center is available 24 hours a day, because customer service doesn't stop at 5pm. 

About Us.


The TMGvets Mission

TMGvets was created to give every veterinarian access to industry leading rates and services for payment processing. We understand the success of every practice relies in part on minimizing costs and providing superior customer service. Through our business alliance partnerships and allied memberships we offer practices pre-negotiated rates with guaranteed savings, direct access to our Veterinarian Payment Specialists, and 24-hr customer support. Making payment transactions as easy and reliable as possible ensures a positive checkout process for your clients. Saving money on payment processing helps support the future of your practice.

Why the Veterinary Industry

TMGvets President, Clay Farrell, fostered a life-long dream of becoming a veterinarian, following in the footsteps of his grandfather, who graduated from Texas A&M University and went on to found the first animal clinic in Arlington, TX. While Clay’s path in college led him to business, he always knew he wanted to connect with the veterinary industry. He graduated from Texas A&M University and found inspiration from his grandfather in another way – by starting his own business. TMGvets was formed out of Clay’s passion to be involved with the veterinary industry and support it in the small way he can.

Giving Back

We value our community of veterinary clients and Veterinary Medical Associations. TMGvets supports the veterinary industry through our business alliances and allied memberships with state VMAs. We promote our VMA partners, advertise with them, attend events, participate in sponsorships and in most cases provide revenue sharing with significant value to VMAs.

Our Team.

Superior customer service is part of the TMGvets mission.

Clay Farrell

Clay Farrell/President

John Guzejka

John Guzejka/Veterinary Payment Specialist
Contact John at 817.917.7834
Andy Sauter

Andy Sauter/Veterinary Payment Specialist
Contact Andy at 817.201.6447
Harrison Ashmore

Harrison Ashmore/Veterinary Payment Specialist
Contact Harrison at 817.235.8900
Nate Cox

Nate Cox/Veterinary Payment Specialist
Contact Nate at 817.296.7675
Zack Kulesz

Zack Kulesz/Veterinary Payment Specialist
Contact Zack at 817.939.2499

Contact us directly or contact our 24-hr Customer Service center at 1-866-TMG-4YOU.


Our Blog.

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